19 July 2012
Book Slam Sports Day

The Tabernacle

July saw us team up with Winning Words, the official Olympic poetry people, for our end of term sports day celebrating all the best of British literary athleticism - the pluck, the despair, the gallows humour ...
Guests included acclaimed writer, comedian and house captain, Mark Watson, reading from his new novel, 'The Knot', Guardian columnist and literary critic Nicholas Lezard celebrating the impending publication of 'The Nolympics', a Londoner's attempt to cope with his home city suddenly being overrun by people in branded shorts, and one of the five official Olympic poets, Caroline Bird, arguably (well ... we're arguing it) the Usain Bolt of contemporary poetry (all those triumphs and still only 25). With music from the truly startling talent that is Mahalia and Niall O'Sullivan drafted in at the last minute to host (think Denmark, Euro '92), it was some serious egg and spoon ...

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Old School Wisdom #111:
Too $hort: 'I'm Too $hort, baby, hear what I say/ I never do work 'cos I always play' We play, we play ...