27 March 2012
Book Slam

The Grand

Doors 6.30p.m. for a 7.30p.m. kick off.

Book Slam claimed Tuesday's the new Friday and jump-started the weekend with our favourite babamukuru and contemporary British literature's master storyteller, WILLIAM BOYD, celebrating the publication of his new novel, 'Waiting For Sunrise'; poet, teacher, retired army major, qualified accountant , Randy Newman fan and photographer, MARTIN FIGURA; and Ninja Tune maestro behind the masterpiece that is 'There Is', JONO MCCLEERY. It was all stuck together with sticky back plastic and Shep's spittle by the post-romantic maverick ROSS SUTHERLAND.

Appearances from

Old School Wisdom #107:
Erick Sermon: 'Rap connoisseur/ I rock Sean John velour ...' and look like an extra from The Sopranos ...