08 October 2014
Book Slam

The Grand

Book Slam in October featured some of the most stimulating writers and thinkers of our day. Guests included LAURA BATES, the woman behind the phenomenon that is the Everyday Sexism Project, and SHAMI CHAKRABARTI, the iconic director of Liberty, who told us about her first book, 'On Liberty'. There was truly extraordinary poetry from CHIMÈNE SULEYMAN, reading from her debut collection 'Outside Looking On', and our old friend SALENA GODDEN introducng her long-awaited memoir 'Springfield Road'. Music was epic pop from JAGAARA who are cool like us only in a different way and cooler, FELICITY WARD was our very favourite host. Afterwards, we were able to make a sizeable donation to Women's Aid, the key national charity working to end domestic violence against women and children. Thank you for your support!

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