12 August 2014
Book Slam East

York Hall

Tonight, Book Slam headed to iconic East London boxing venue, York Hall, for the most anticipated heavyweight contest in recent memory and twelve rounds of high calibre literary sparring. In the blue corner, we had internationally renowned storyteller, one-time street brawler, drug dealer, convict, Chicago Golden Glove Champion, bull runner and author of 'The Old Neighborhood', BILL HILLMANN. In the red corner, there was punk legend and author of the memoir, 'Clothes, Clothes, Clothes. Music, Music, Music. Boys, Boys, Boys.', VIV ALBERTINE. And our referee for this evening's entertainment was the Leith Lightning himself, IRVINE WELSH. There was 'Savage Beauty' from JUNIOR 'THE HITTER' WITTER, World Champion boxer, and the Hype Dance Company, and savage beauty from our old friend and contemporary culture's postergirl, KATE TEMPEST. Warming up the crowd was our favourite ex-battle rapper, DOC BROWN. What a line-up! We floated, we stung etc ...

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