27 February 2014
Book Slam

The Tabernacle

We greeted the penultimate evening of February and its wilfully controversial 28th day conclusion with an event so hip it looked back at us with contempt and, through a fug of smoke from its Gitanes, remarked, 'You callin' me hip, daddio? Even usin' that vocab make you sound like a moldy fig right there.' Quite. Joining us were GARY SHTEYNGART, the award-winning comic novelist whose 'Little Failure: A Memoir' was published 35 years after he left Leningrad for the States, and SHEILA HETI, whose extraordinary book, 'How Should A Person Be', was one of the most talked about of the last year and put the 'meta' into 'just met a girl'. Music came from South London's finest, JAKE ISAAC, and all was seamlessly stitched (is such a thing possible?) by the man who brings the yam to the Book Slam fam, NIKESH SHUKLA ...

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