30 January 2014
Book Slam

The Grand

January saw us attack the new year head-on with an event as bracing as a stiff breeze, sweeping as a new broom and challenging as Anneka ... we welcomed two of the most creative thinkers we know (albeit of very different thoughts and very different talents) in, dare we say, an unusual masterstroke of programming. JONATHAN LETHEM is one of the most original, entertaining and important writers of contemporary American fiction. The author of 'Motherless Brooklyn' and 'The Fortress Of Solitude' introduced us to his brilliant new novel, 'Dissident Gardens'. DOMINIC FRISBY is a comedian, writer and old friend of Book Slam. He returned to read from 'Life After The State', a book that is both simple and erudite, and thought-provoking for all shades of the political spectrum. Music came in a shape somewhat folky but not folksy, courtesy of the supremely talented LAURA GROVES . All was hosted by our new favourite comedian and compère beyond compare, FELICITY WARD.

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