03 November 2013
Book Slam

The Tabernacle

Book Slam moved to a Sunday for a night of excitement after our day or rest. We welcomed bestselling literary icon and Book Slam's surrogate uncle, WILLIAM BOND BOYD, who introduced us to 'Solo', the latest adventures of 007. Joining William on stage were the dramatic musical talent of singer-songwriter, ANA SILVERA, and one of the brightest rising stars of contemporary fiction, EMYLIA HALL, with her new novel, 'A Heart Bent Out Of Shape'. Our very own Blofeld for the night was INUA ELLAMS whose poetry is a laser beam climbing slowly in the direction of our collective manhood. All together now: 'dum, diddle-um dum dum dum dum/ dum, diddle-um dum dum dum dum/ da-dow da-da-dow!'

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