10 August 2013
Book Slam Wild

The Wilderness Festival

Book Slam heads to the Wilderness Festival for the first time with a crack team of outward bound experts including survivalists, revivalists, nihilists and detached existentialists ('I'm, like, so confused it's not funny’). The gang features TAO LIN, an American writer, artist and provocateur whose latest novel is 'Taipei', and BEN BROOKS, who wrote five novels before he was 21 (or 21 novels before he was five, something like that), including the extraordinary 'Grow Up'. Making sure common sense doesn't go entirely out to pasture is our MVP (Most Valuable Poet), ROSS SUTHERLAND, while music comes from the one man wall of sound who first put the ‘king’ into ‘busking’, LEWIS FLOYD HENRY. All will be following a breadcrumb trail left by the original babe in the hood, SALENA GODDEN.

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