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Niall Griffiths

Niall Griffiths was born in Liverpool and now lives in Wales. He's the author of six previous novels: 'Grits', 'Sheepshagger', 'Kelly + Victor', 'Stump', 'Wreckage', and 'Runt'. Besides their excellence, they are unified by having titles that sound, to us, a bit like  snuff movies - a thought that says a lot about us and, perhaps, a little about Niall's writing. He has read at Book Slam once before, but it's so far back in the dim and distant that we can find no record thereof. It was fun though. His latest novel is 'A Great Big Shining Star', a satire of celebrity culture so funny and so furious that it will leave you feeling either cleansed or eviscerated, depending on your sensibilities.



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